Monday, May 26, 2014

Perhaps Today...

The Pharisees wanted to prove His authority
by asking for a miraculous sign from heaven. 
Jesus groaned and said, 
“Why are you always looking for a sign? 
I promise that you will not be given one!” 
Mark 8

Jesus had just cast out a demon, 
healed a deaf man, and fed 4000.
But when the Pharisees asked for a sign, 
Jesus told them they would not be given one.
The Pharisees weren't looking to believe in Him;
they were looking to test Him.
He quoted from Isaiah when He said,
"Their hearts are far from Me.
Their worship is a farce." 

The disciples, on the other hand, didn't get 
much of what Jesus was doing.
He rebuked them for not understanding 
the whole fishes and loaves thing.
But He kept the miracles coming.
When He asked, "Who do you say I am?"
Peter replied, "You are the Messiah.
They weren't testing Him;
they were just trying to understand.
And because their hearts were with Him,
Jesus kept trying to help them.

And it is still true today.
If our hearts are with Him, 
He is always trying to help us see.
I am certain that Jesus has asked me 
many times over:
Don’t you understand yet?
 Mark 8:21
But He never leaves me or gives up on me.
Who do you say I am?
You are Christ, the Messiah, my Savior, 
and daily I am in need of You.
Perhaps today, by grace, 
You won't have to ask me why I don't get it.
Perhaps today, by grace, my heart 
will be drawn closer to You.
And perhaps today, by grace, You will say,
I think she understood just a little 
the miraculous things I had for her to see.
I so desire to see You more clearly
through all the circumstances I am facing.
Perhaps today...

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