Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letting Go

Real womanhood isn’t a function 
of becoming a great mother, 
but of being loved by your Great Father. 
Someone write that on a card with 
a bouquet of flowers. 
We all need that.
Ann Voscamp

One of the challenges with images--
snapshots of "everyday life"--
is that our everyday life does not often
look like the image that we believe
is the everyday life of others.
We know our faults, and 
we know them to a fault.

I read the Mother's Day post 
by Ann Voscamp with gratitude.
She was "truth-tellin'."
She said that labor and delivery 
never ends and you never stop having 
to remember to breathe.
I often said that the birthing class
was more about learning to do life
than learning how to have a baby.
Some days, if I was still breathing 
at the end of the day,
I counted it as a victory.
Parenting is a series of adjustments to
the changing needs of a growing family--
which really translates to the 
ever-pressing need
to grow in grace along the way.

My favorite line was at the end
when she said that in the midst of it all,
"we will grab someone 
and just hold on and let go."
I am learning the delicate balance of 
holding on and letting go.
The letting go part reminds me again
of the birthing class.
Keep breathing.
Because the letting go part of parenting
is right up there with mounds of diapers 
and dishes and dirty laundry.
It all takes grace.
And perhaps that is the greatest
reminder on this Mother's Day,
whether we are mothers or not,
You are loved by your Father.
Hold on and let go.
Hold on and let God.
His message to us, through Jesus, 
is that it is all grace.

Every one of us needs to know that
at the deepest levels of our being.
His unmerited gift of grace, 
accompanied by His unfailing love,
is available to us all.
That's the kind of "sentiment"
we need to hear over and over again.

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