Thursday, May 1, 2014

He is Working in Me

For God is working in you, 
giving you the desire and the power 
to do what pleases Him.
Phil 2:13
In the midst of a long transition season--
or just on your typical run-of-the-mill day,
washing another dish, preparing one more meal,
or looking at a mound of dirty laundry--
there can be a lack of desire, power, vision
and even a lack of hope.
I have had some of these days lately.
I wake up and can't find my strength or desire;
I am not sure where to read or what to pray.
I have been a good rule follower 
and now I wonder if I will 
ever care about them again.
Those thoughts can scare me.

But God stumbled me across this verse today.
He reminded me that He is working in me.
I am rehearsing some things today that
remind me it's not all about following rules.
The Pharisees followed them very well.

He says to me today,
"This is a day of rest for you,
for I am the One working in you 
to give you desire and strength.
My eyes range throughout the entire earth, 
to strengthen those whose hearts are true. 
My face smiles with favor upon you.
Be completely at rest today.
My mercy is extended to you
and my grace is sufficient.
You have all you need."

He knows that I wonder whether 
any new life will ever come forth 
during this transition season.
He reminds me that new life will 
come forth because He is working in me.
Resurrection life is not about me.
It is about Him working in me.

I breathe in mercy and breathe out fear.
Inhaling mercy and exhaling fear
demonstrate that is working in me.
And because He is (always) working...
This is a day of rest.

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