Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walking through Transitions

So much of what we go through is for the
purpose of discovering all that we are not.

If you try to hang on to your life, 
you will lose it. 
But if you give up your life 
for My sake, you will save it.
Luke 9:23, 24

Every time we go through a life transition,
we have to let go of something.
Transition is more than physical change;
it's about what is happening inside us.
Most transitions are difficult, but
even in the most joyous transitions--
from preparing for graduation
to preparing for marriage--
there is a time of reflection on
what we are leaving behind and 
all the memories associated with that.
There is an element of loss embedded in
every transition we walk through.
Some we go through by choice;
others, not so much.
The hardest transitions are the ones
which change our identity--
which most transitions do at some level--
especially the ones we do not choose 
and those we might consider
make us "less than" we used to be.
Losing a spouse, friend, job, home,
parent, church, finances, health...
can change us at the core of who we are.

It hurts to touch the core of who we are.
Birth pains tell the story
about letting go of a baby.
Transitions can be painful.
And while classes help prepare 
for the birthing transition,
many other transitions are invisible,
unguided or misguided experiences.

There is often pain and confusion--
and we aren't sure what is happening.
We cry out, asking the Lord to identify
the intense pain we rhythmically feel.
That is often not the question
He is waiting to answer.

This has been a tricky year--
transitions around every corner and 
I'm pretty sure I didn't choose one of them.
I have asked "what" and I have asked "why."
With tender mercy, He has simply assured me 
that He is with me.
He has been leading me 
to ask Him another question,
the one He has been waiting for:
Who am I?

It has been getting clearer and clearer
that I'm not a sum total of all my labels.
I knew that, I really did.
But it's not until labels get stripped away 
and you are left standing before God 
with your false identities removed,
that you can ask that question
just a little more confidently. 
And hear Him a lot more clearly.
"You are My beloved."

In this challenging season of transition,
I am becoming both less than 
and greater than all my labels.
It feels a little like dying
and a lot like Life.

I am His beloved.

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  1. You have been reading my journal and/or my mind & heart. This one needs to be a poster sized print out (too chicken for a tattoo!) to remind me of His gentle yet constant question: Where is my identity rooted? Thank you for this! Xo