Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Drawing Power of Christ

I have loved you, My people, 
with an everlasting love.
    With unfailing love I have 
drawn you to Myself.
Jeremiah 31:3

The transforming power of Christ is not
a driving power but a drawing one.
We are drawn by His goodness and grace
to become those who are true,
more like the One we are drawn to.
It is His unfailing love that draws us.

The love of God isn't forceful, 
manipulative or judgmental.
It is attractive.
He loved the woman at the well, 
the invalid who had been at the pool,
the woman caught in adultery,
the blind beggar being told to shut up,
the widow with only two coins.
The hurting, the wounded, the rejected, 
the poor, the lost, the "least of these."
He attracted each with a gift of hope
and they went away better 
for having encountered Him.

He doesn't come to us with a demand, 
or a harsh tone of voice, 
but with compassion, grace and mercy
that He may help us change.
He shocked the woman at the well,
 avoided by the religious of the day.
"If only you knew the gift
that God wanted to give you..."
He didn't disregard the Samaritan,
as so many religious leaders had done.
He offered her springs of living water.

And just to confirm that He knew
all about her, he told her some things.
Married five times, now living with a man.
But with mercy and compassion, He said,
"I am the One you are looking for."
He didn't condone or condemn her.
He just offered her a gift,
a gift that He knew would draw her
to Himself and change her forever.

 As we draw near to the throne of grace
we receive again His gifts of 
eternal love, eternal acceptance.
He draws us forward and changes us.
He does this, not by calling us sinner,
but by calling us His beloved.
We can then go out and bring living water
to those who, just like ourselves, are hurting, 
wounded, rejected, lost and least--
messengers of hope and bearers of gifts.
The transforming power of Christ
is a drawing power,
the power of unfailing love.

And when I am lifted up,
I will draw and attract all men to Myself.
John 12:32

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