Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thankfulness Re-members

"When I remember to give thanks 
in a fallen and broken world, 
this is what re-members me 
and I am put together again."
~Ann Voscamp

Some mornings I wake up and
feel dismembered,
compartmentalized into 
so many different pieces.
I look at all the spheres that 
define my life and, upon evaluation,
I am at peace with some and 
anxious for others.
When peace and fear are vying for position,
fear can be the stronger competitor
if we don't have some strategies in place.
Because what we are anxious about
is often both real and significant.
Sometimes it's an overactive imagination.
But sometimes it's a response to reality.
Oh my soul, why are you so 
anxious within me?
Because in this world there is pain.
And things don't always work out like we want.
And the consequences of all that are real.

God knew all that when He sent His Son.
"In this world you will have trouble."
His peace was meant to trump fear.
So He sends us messages of peace.
When I read about giving thanks
in this fallen and broken world,
it resonated with my real struggle.
This world is fallen and there is brokenness.
But when I give thanks, I am re-membered--
put back together again where wholeness
takes over and peace rules over fear.
I am not thankful enough every day.
But today is a good day to change that.
The beauty of a new day is that 
we can do new things.
I am quietly giving thanks for all I have.
Giving thanks for what we have,
instead of dwelling negatively
on what we don't or what might be,
opens the door for peace to come in.
Giving thanks is a pure response
to the grace of God.
It is always the right choice.

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