Monday, April 14, 2014

Showing up at the Wells

When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well,
He didn't set out to get the her "saved."
He noticed her, engaged her, 
and spoke her language.
asking for a drink of water.
He surprised her with that request, 
considering Jews wouldn't even go near 
a cup that a Samaritan had used.
Sometimes, simply talking with one 
who has been long disregarded 
can open them up to encounter.

"If you only knew the gift God wants to give...
you would ask for living water."
She immediately went to the literal--
buckets, wells and livestock.
He connected with her right there.
If you drink from this well, 
you will be thirsty again.
He then presented an idea 
she never saw coming:
Something inside you can become 
a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit,
a source of endless life and satisfaction.
She immediately thought of her routine life
and asked for this water so she would never 
have to come back to the well again.
People have real problems and 
are looking for solutions to those.

He revealed that He had His eye 
on her for a long time--
married five times, now living with a man.
He never pointed a finger or discussed sin.
And she made a connection to who He was,
which was His heart the whole time.
"If you only knew the gift I am..."
The thing she wanted was to never 
have to come back to the well again.
What she needed was to receive 
the gift of the Holy Spirit.
But Jesus didn't begin there.
We might see people stuck in sin,
needing the gift of God.
They want "water."
It may be a job, a friend, a home, healing,
 a significant relationship, someone to listen.
Our water won't be the answer
to what they want.
The most shocking thing Jesus did
was talk to this woman who had been
disregarded by the the religious system.
We don't need to condemn or condone.
We need to care.
At some point, the woman wanted
the water that Jesus had.
Others might do that too if
we begin noticing, caring and talking
to those who have been long disregarded,
those hoping there is more 
than walking to the well everyday.
They will not come into our churches
until we show up at their wells.

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