Thursday, March 6, 2014


Focus your thoughts...
Phil 4:8

There are hordes of thoughts waiting 
behind the gates in our minds,
begging us for entrance. 
We have thoughts about our 
day, work, family, responsibilities. 
We have thoughts filled with fear, grace,
disappointent, hope, darkness and truth.
And everything in between.
We must decide which ones come through
and which ones must be sent away. 
We have to choose wisely 
because, really, our lives depend on it.

We are told to think "whatever"--
and the biblical whatever is a bit different
than the cultural whatever.
Whatever is true, whatever is respected, 
whatever is right, whatever is pure, 
whatever can be loved, 
and whatever is well thought of. 
Whatever is good and 
worth giving thanks for, 
think about these things.
Phil 4:8

"When the world's all as it should be,"
our thoughts more naturally align with these.
But when there is an area or two
that is challenging and maybe not
what we had hoped for,
our thoughts can go quickly south.
Our thoughts can become anxious, 
fearful, resigned, hopeless, dark.
Our minds get there more by
wandering than by thinking.
We think, How the heck did I get here?
One unchecked wandering thought at a time.
Today I have recognized 
some of my thoughts must go.
Once allowed access, 
they don't go voluntarily.
They must be displaced.
I am going to think about whatever.
This is a very conscious process.
I have to list things that are true,
worthy of gratitude, that are good,
things that can be loved.
I have an abundant supply of those things.
Other thoughts have tried to 
convince me that simply is not true.

Those with sound thoughts 
You will keep in peace...
Is 26:3
I may not have control over everything 
going on around me today.
But I have the ability to control my thoughts.
Today I am going to think whatever
and bind my wandering mind to Him.
The Lord has promised that He will  
keep me in perfect peace.
I have great need of that today.


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