Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Trees

"In God's strength, we can make our
circumstances pay tribute to our soul.
We can even take the 
darkest disappointment, 
break it open, and discover 
a precious jewel of grace inside."
~Henry Jowett

Every day is a battle to see 
who or what will win.
Will circumstances claim the victory
or will we stand in the face 
of all that is happening and, 
having done all that is asked of us, 
continue to stand?
The greatest victory is standing and
believing, despite all we see that
might say otherwise, that God is good.
"Let God be true 
and every circumstance a lie."

God's goodness can be mined out of
all our challenges if we allow His voice
to teach us and lead us.
I too often eat off the tree of the 
knowledge of good and evil,
trying to reason and make decisions 
based on what I see.
It's easy to hold circumstances up to
expectations and define what I see.
But do I go to the Tree of Life and
ask Him to show me what He sees?
Often I miss that step.
It's easy to judge from the wrong tree.
We can easily decide that loss, suffering, 
wounding, rejection, and sickness are evil.
But living from the Tree of Life requires
that we make our decisions,
not based on what we see,
but by His voice.
Christ lives in us and He wants us to
 live our lives through His indwelling presence.

I have been taking some circumstances,
and all my judgments about them,
and bringing them to the Tree of Life.
His grace is leading me to some
different conclusions.
His love is washing over me and 
telling me there is another side to the story.
His view is the only one that will allow me
to take every circumstance and 
find the jewel of grace that will 
bring glory to His name.
His love always leads me back to Him,
which is something the other tree
will never do.

"An ounce of love is worth more
than a pound of knowledge."
~John Wesley

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