Sunday, March 9, 2014


My child, Christ Jesus is kind, 
and you must let Him make you strong.
2 Tim 2:1
What an encouragement to us!
All day long we are confronted 
with opposite spirits,
one always looking to tear us down and
the other always there to strengthen us.
There is fear to haunt us, 
doubt to weaken us,
despair to drain us.
But greater than all these, 
there is grace to strengthen us.
He is kind and He wants us strong.

We must recognize that we live in
a world system that is ruled by darkness,
and we will be affected by that world.
But Jesus announced the good news
that He overcame the world.

In the midst of all things that make us weak--
fear, discouragement, sickness, loss, 
sadness, disappointment, confusion--
there is a strengthening grace.
We bring Him every vestige of weakness,
knowing our strength begins there.
Instead of focusing on those things 
that point to weakness,
we sit in His presence and become
strengthened by His grace. 
So much better...
"It is good for the heart to be
strengthened by grace."
Hebrews 13:9
Today is a good day to remember that
Christ Jesus is kind and 
He wants to make us strong.
He invites us to "Come."
His grace is sufficient for every
kind of strength we need.
Those who wait on the Lord WILL
renew their strength.
Isaiah 40

So grateful for these kinds of promises.

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