Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Precious, Honored, Loved

You are precious in My eyes,
and honored, and I love you.
Is 43:4
It is time to leave some old thoughts behind--
thoughts we got from paradigms,
judgments, prejudices, and systems--
not just because they are old, 
(for that in itself would be fallacy)
but because they are wrong.
So many today walk around with thoughts
of shame, rejection and inadequacy
because systems were in place that
led us to make conclusions wrongly.

We live in a world that causes us to 
continually evaluate our status.
As Christians, it is easy to proclaim
that we are not comparative,
that we find our identity in Christ alone.
But very often, that is not our reality.
We are affirmed by one we esteem
and our sense of value increases.
We are criticized by one we esteem
and our sense of value is diminished.

We evaluate our looks, our careers, our marriages,
our relationships, our finances, our children.
Not necessarily in a vacuum--
but how each compares to others like them
and where we stand after the evaluation.
Because each of those change and shift,
our sense of value is fragile.
One day, we take inventory and all is well.
It can all change in a moment.
A confrontation, loss of a job, 
a bad decision, a relational challenge
can all confirm that we are inadequate, 
a failure, flawed, unlovable.

Organized religion can also act as 
a defining value system,
keeping us stuck in the good/bad cycle--
one day honored by authority we esteem
and so conclude we are valuable,
the next day disregarded by the same
and therefore unworthy--
if we are not careful to keep Christ and
His words about our worth ever before us.
We are each responsible for stewarding truth.
Our identity is rooted in Christ and
what He says about us.
He says we are each precious,
honored and loved by Him.
If we can be swayed to believe otherwise,
there is a system in place that 
may have its roots in idolatry.
Some thoughts are so deep rooted 
in abusive and unjust life experiences 
that counseling may be needed 
to heal wounds and help make the shift  
to thoughts that align with His word.
But for many, it is time to simply recognize
that our thoughts and His thoughts 
about us are not the same.
And ours need to change.

My feelings are second.
Much faulty reasoning occurs
from surrendering to feelings.
Today I am holding on to truth.
I am precious, honored and loved
by my Father.
Any other conclusion is unacceptable.

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