Monday, March 24, 2014

I Was Lost, But...

"'But. . .
I love that word. 
Sometimes I think the whole gospel 
swings on that word. 
(I was lost but now I'm found.
Was blind but now I see.)
It means things can change." 
~Bread of Angels by Barbara Brown Taylor

If we use the analogy of our lives as story,
being written chapter by chapter, 
we can better see that a story 
never ends in the middle.
When reading a book, we see the number
of pages before us and know there is more.
 We expect there to be dramatic turns, 
usually at the end of a chapter.
They are there to keep us engaged,
turning the pages to find some
measure of resolution to the "crisis."
Good authors don't necessarily 
tie things up in neat little packages. 
They help us find redemption and hope as
the story unfolds with all its twists and turns.
Jesus is the Author of our story, and
the one thing we can trust is that He is good.
We often find ourselves in a dramatic turn; 
we are nearing the end of a chapter and 
haven't yet turned the page.
We have to remember that the One
writing our story is not finished writing.
He is drawing us forward with Him to see
how He will work it through to redemption.

We may currently be lost, hopeless, discouraged,
depressed, fearful, sick, poor, lonely, or sad.
BUT, there are other chapters before us.
The gospel of Christ is about transformation--
not only the the power to change 
but the grace to stand in the process.
We don't always go from lost to found
in the space of one page.
Often it's a journey of many chapters,
some things coming together
only to fall apart again.

I am ever learning to trust my Author.
It may be in the wilderness 
where He tells me that, 
although I feel incredibly lost,
I have actually found what He 
was leading me toward.
That particular chapter was perhaps 
about finding Him in places 
I had never looked before.
In a dry, desert place He led me 
to a spring of water.
I was lost, BUT now I'm found.
The story is not over.

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