Thursday, March 13, 2014

All My Springs

All my springs of joy are in You.
Psalm 87:7

I so easily hand over control of my mind
to things going on around me.
But that's not how it is supposed to be.
Let the Holy Spirit guide your lives.
Galatians 5:16
When we submit to the Holy Spirit, 
we are not tormented by our emotions
and our reactions to the things around us.
When I spend time living in places 
of sadness, pain, fear and confusion, 
then the Spirit is not leading.
Other gods are actually before Him.

I remember going to the doctor's one day,
worrying about the results of a particular test.
The Holy Spirit clearly said to me,
"If that doctor has more power to take away 
your fear than My spirit within you, 
then that doctor is an idol to you."
Ouch. I had to spend some time 
in the car talking with the Lord about that,
repenting for placing my trust in a doctor.
God is ultimately in control of my life 
and I needed to allow His peace to wash me.
"Lord, whatever happens, I trust You."
True joy is having our assurance 
deeply rooted in His goodness.
I sensed the Lord smile when 
the doctor gave me a good report;
I had already believed His. 

When we allow thoughts, emotions 
and energy to be consumed with 
whatever is going on around us,
we gradually give away our joy.
Happiness may depend on what is happening,
but our springs of joy are eternally present.
All of them, always, are found in Him.
Jesus continually withdrew from life
to get alone with His Father.
He felt sadness, anger, disappointment
as He walked upon this earth.
But His feelings didn't alter His joy.
His springs of joy were found in His Father.
I don't need to walk around in unreality,
pretending that everything is perfect.
True joy doesn't come as a result of
being happy with what's going on.
It comes out of relationship with God.
In fact, true joy knows no other way.
Nothing about joy is natural.
It is supernatural trust in God's 
love and goodness.

Joy has the power to burn out 
whatever comes near us.
It is time for joy to burn up fear.
It is time for joy to burn up sadness.
It really is time to stop allowing 
anything else to control me.

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