Friday, February 14, 2014

Water into Wine: All About Love

Jesus' entire life was about love,
first for His Father and then for people.
His first miracle was no exception.
Water into wine was a miracle of love.

If I had been consulted as to what 
should be Jesus' first miracle,
I probably would have suggested something
like toppling terrorism or curing cancer.
Turning water into wine?
Not in a million years.
It's quite likely that Jesus didn't plan on 
turning water to wine as his first miracle.
When Mary told Jesus they were out of wine,
He knew exactly what she was asking of Him.
"What does this have to do with Me?
My hour has not yet come."
But for the sake of love, 
He abandoned the other plan that
He had of displaying His glory.
It was a sacrifice of love.

His mother was concerned that her friends
would be embarrassed if they ran out of wine.
He could have stood firm on His declaration
that His hour had not yet come.
But this first miracle was a proclamation to
His disciples and those who would later read:
My love for you responds to what matters to you.
He was fully engaged in the interest of others.

So Jesus' miracle era began because 
there was a shortage of wine. 
There is endless banter about whether
it was really wine or grape juice.
I personally can't see the hoopla over
running out of grape juice.
I want to know more than this, though.
I want to understand the overwhelming love
that motivated the Son of God to sacrifice 
His plans regarding the revelation of His glory.
John 2:11 says, 
"In THIS way, He revealed His glory."
His love for others chose the first miracle.

And I am grateful for
 the demonstration of His abundant love.
And that His love responds to what 
matters to me and to others.
Sometimes I think my little corner of the world
and the concerns I have for myself and those I love--
all the challenges we go through--are too small.
Then I remember the water and the wine.
And how Jesus allowed that to be the miracle
that marked His ministry.
That kind of love should change me on 
the same level that changed water to wine.
Every miracle is about change at the molecular level.
Molecules respond to His love by rearranging 
themselves to become something better.
I want my heart to respond that way everyday,
His love rearranging me that
I become something better.
For the sake of those who need to see Him
and the miracle of His love in their lives.
Because His love is what changes us.

I recently read this line from Ravi Zachariah.
I want my heart to respond every time I see Him.

Capturing the beauty of the conversion of 
the water into wine, the poet Alexander Pope said, 
"The conscious water saw its Master and blushed."


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