Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Staying on the Road

Jesus came that all would have life.
"I came so that everyone would have life, 
and have it in its fullest."

"Go in by the narrow gate...
stay on the difficult road which leads to life...
Only a few find it."  

There is this promise of abundant life for all
contrasted with the reality that only a few find it.
It is both invitation and warning.
Everyone is invited into this fullness of life.
But first we have to "find it" and "go in."
Then we must "stay on" a road
marked by narrowness and difficulty.

Years ago, His grace invited me into this 
fullness of life and offered me the opportunity 
to "go in" by the narrow gate to abundant life.
It will forever be the only road I want to be on.
And yet, every day, I must decide 
to "stay on" this path to life.

Right now, life does not really "feel" abundant.
Challenges and trials of varying degrees have
darkened the pathway and there are times 
I am not sure where this path will lead.
I sometimes get fearful in this darkness and
wonder why I can't always feel His presence.
I begin to think that there must be something 
I can do to sense His presence and His love.
When I do that, I lose every ounce of peace.

With infinite love, mercy and grace,
He whispers that He is always with me.
As I repent for fear and doubt,
He forgives me and calls me to Himself.
Every time that He forgives, He shows me
that His love is greater than His command.
“Fear not!” is a command meant to help me.
“You are forgiven.”
His love and mercy meet my failure, 
washing me that I might begin again.

Though the narrow road feels dark right now,
my eyes are beginning to adjust.
"Your word is a lamp to walk by 
and a light to illumine my path."
Psalm 119:105
It is actually a lot easier to see a light
when it is dark all around.
The narrower the path, the more focused the light.
I am learning to appreciate this place of waiting
and believing that I, once again but in new ways,
am being led to the end of myself.
It is exactly where the Lord wants to meet me--
with love, mercy and compassion so that
each of those may be enlarged in me.
His light always leads to His love.

O guiding night!
O night more lovely than the dawn!
O night that has united
the Lover with His beloved.
St. John of the Cross
"Dark Night of the Soul"

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