Monday, January 6, 2014

Sound of Silence

Sometimes it seems all we can ask is:
"Does anyone know what God is doing?"
Seems that question has been asked before--
and the answer has been provided as well.

"The unspiritual self, by nature, 
can’t receive the gifts of God’s Spirit. 
There’s no capacity for them. 
They seem like so much silliness. 
Spirit can be known only by spirit—
God’s Spirit and ours in open communion. 
Spiritually alive, we have access 
to everything God’s Spirit is doing. 
Isaiah’s question, 'Is there anyone
who knows what God is doing?' 
has been answered: 
Christ knows, and we have His Spirit,
we have the mind of Christ." 
1 Cor 2:14-16, The Message

There are seasons when God pulls up
things that have been familiar 
and comfortable to us.
They can be good things or
not so good things, but we know
how to do life with them.
He comes along and kicks up a little dust.
We look around and find that 
things are not the way they were.
Many of us are in a season where
things which were life to us
have been torn down.
As uncomfortable as it is, 
this is a season in which 
things are being made new.
And we can't "keep on keeping on"
because some of the things 
are no longer there to keep on with.
It is a season where we must 
intentionally step out of routine,
refusing to move on to the next thing.
We must sit down and listen.

The question is no longer:
"Is there anyone around who knows
what God is doing?"
The question is now:
"God, would You tell me 
what You are doing?"
Because Christ knows and
we have the mind of Christ.

The Holy Spirit came that
we would have His Spirit alive in us.
In this tear down season, He is tearing down
false ideas and false images that
keep us unspiritual and immature.
Some of these may have been 
acceptable in one season, but
He is asking us to know Him more.
Some ideas and images were built
on foundations of fear and world systems 
that did not look or sound like the One
who came to reveal our Father.
He wants us to walk in His fullness, 
incarnating His image so that we can
re-present Him to a world that has
for too long heard false ideas 
and seen false images.

In this ever paradoxical Kingdom,
we must go up to go deep.
We have to plunge the depths of silence
that we might hear deep calling to deep.
"Spirit can be known only by spirit—
God’s Spirit and ours in open communion. 
Spiritually alive, we have access 
to everything God’s Spirit is doing."
Inner rivers of grace flow and
only the quiet heart can hear them
and be refreshed in them.
Most times, I would rather God tell me
to run up an obstacle-strewn mountain
than sit quietly and do nothing.
I have to train my ears to listen
for a sound rather than a word.
A word can drive me;
a sound can settle me.
A time for building up will come
with words that give direction and purpose.
At this time, however, I am intent on
listening for the sound of silence.

Image: DavidLarkin/instagram

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