Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everyday Pilgrimage

How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, 
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage!
~Psalms 84:5
Many of us have been on a long
and beautiful journey with the Lord.
We have traveled down roads largely
marked out by others that we might
get to know the tenets of our faith, 
learn of the faithfulness of our God, 
and practice loving God and loving others.
For the most part, we landed in a good place.

But the Lord has been closing off some of 
the familiar roads and kicking up a little dust.
He has been wanting to get our attention 
that we might be willing to stop and listen.
For many, it has looked like things
just may be falling apart.

Without devaluing what we have gained,
we must recognize that we can no longer
 just continue journeying.
We have to return to the Rock and 
make sure that we have accumulated
nothing which would define us
that is outside of Him.

That includes systems of thought, idols of
image, self, possessions, or pleasure--
all we added to cover up what we fear most--
to know and be known by Him.
And to trust that He is enough for us.
Despite being on a long and
sometimes arduous journey,
we don't know as much about the land
as we might have thought we did.

The Lord is now preparing us for pilgrimage,
a spiritual journey, not for the purpose of
finding new landscape but that, having new eyes,
we might see what is already there.
Paradoxically, pilgrims leave home to travel 
through a territory that is not their true "home."
Only to discover home is their very heart,
the very heart of our Father.

All these great people lived with faith until they died,
confessing that they were pilgrims on the earth.
This earth was not their home.
~Hebrews 11
Surrounded by a community of believers,
we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us
on this holy pilgrimage of everyday life.
To delight in the mystery, learn from 
the paradox, and grow in union with HIm.
Everyday pilgrims whose heart is found in Him,
that the world will have an
accurate representation of His love.
This is our holy calling,
the only life truly worth living.

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