Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trust and Rest

Let us go right into the presence of God 
with sincere hearts fully trusting Him...
God can be trusted to keep His promise.
~Hebrews 10
Everything we go through can be funneled
into the one act of trusting Him.
There is this tug-of-war that takes place
when faced with circumstances that
we do not like or aren't what we thought.
It is a private yanking on a cord called control.
It's our way of saying,
"God, You may not handle this the
way that I need You to."

He has been faithful to us in the past.
This one looks different, though.
I am not sure He saw this one coming.
I am not sure He knows how to fix it,
or at least fix it the way I want.

I tell from the beginning 
what will happen in the end. 
~ Isaiah 46:10
Nothing catches Him off guard.
Nothing makes Him stand up.
God Himself is at rest. 
~Hebrews 4:10
Oh, deep inner places of my heart, 
be at rest, be at peace.
So much of suffering is related to control.
Can I trust that He works it 
all together for good?
Even if I don't like what is happening?

The reality is that a lot of things happen
that are not what I want to happen.
It is called life in a fallen world.
The answer to all that is trust.
We get to go into His presence with
sincere hearts that fully trust Him.
He is only good and He only loves.
"The opposite of love is not really hatred, 
but control."

God, I come near to You knowing that 
You love me and You are trying 
to get me to rest in Your love.
Your peace can rule where I give up control.
Instead of thinking it is the least I can do, 
I am recognizing it it the most I can do.
I trust You.
Those words release my heart 
to live at rest and in peace.
Your peace becomes my stronghold
and I cannot be moved.

I just may to say these three words
over and over again.
As many times as it takes
to remain in rest.
His grace is totally sufficient
to live there today.

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