Monday, December 2, 2013

I Give My Life

I was recently listening to 
Hillsong's "Savior King."
I love you Lord, I worship You.
Hope which was lost, now stands renewed.
I give my life to honor this
The love of Christ, the savior King.

I was moved in my spirit by that declaration.
I give my life to honor this one thing:
The love of Christ.
No other motive sustains through opposition,
holds under pressure,
draws us forward through the storms.

There are times I wish that God
operated from a control tower.
Because then He would be responsible
for all my decisions, and 
 I would look more like Him when
I operated from that same center.
But that is not who God is.

Our God gives us choices.
I set before you options...choose life. 
He does not enforce His will through control,
but instead promises to work
all things together for good.
Because not all decisions that I make and 
not all circumstances that come my way 
are good in themselves.

He makes all these provisions for us because
He is mercy and grace, and He is a "permitter."
He warns us that control is not His nature.
The whole world is under 
the control of the evil one.
1John 5:19

Control operates through fear
and permission operates through love.
God did not give us a spirit of fear.
He gave us a spirit of love and self-control.
There is a constant pull on our decisions:
will we make them based on fear
or will we be compelled by love?

Questions rooted in fear include:
Will I be hurt?
Will I get what I had hoped for?
Will I have the final say?

Questions rooted in love are different:
Will others be hurt?
Will my decisions help others?
Will I trust God for the outcome?

Love draws in and cheers on.
It believes that mercy always wins.
Control drags in and demands.
It disdains mercy and mocks grace.
One looks like Christ.
One looks, well, a lot different.

When life seems out of control, 
it is a perfect opportunity to resist control. 
Every time we resist control,
we declare that the love of Christ wins.
Because, ultimately, there is a presumption 
that God is good and He can be trusted.

The love of Christ 
sustains me through opposition,
holds me under pressure and 
moves me forward through the storms.
I give my life to honor this one thing. 
The love of Christ.
He sets before me options.
I have no other choice.

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