Friday, December 6, 2013

A Safe Place for Risk

I have been reading many motivational words 
encouraging people to say yes, move beyond,
take a risk, never settle, take action.
Risk is often associated with action.

On one level, it might look like
switching careers, running a marathon, 
pursuing a dream, running for office,
asking someone out for coffee,
moving to another house, another city.

All of these could be the right thing to do.
But action for its own sake is not risk. 
Sometimes it is a response to panic. 
"Just do something!"

But if we are wanting to look like Jesus,
our action is never self-initiated.
It is response driven--
not response to fear or even desire,
and never to panic.
It is a response to His voice.
 I do nothing on My own initiative,
but  just what I hear My Father saying. 

Risk might look like doing nothing.
In times of uncertainty, confusion or crisis,
the biggest risk just might be doing nothing.
It might be in listening and waiting.
Jesus said everything that He did
 was a response to His Father’s voice.
We have to hear to respond that way.

Jesus said that He was the Good Shepherd.
and that His sheep hear His voice.
We have to hear His goodness so that 
we might follow His voice into abundant life.
We risk losing our abundant life
if we detach ourselves from His voice.

Today, I risk doing nothing.
I want to "respond to," not "act out of."
When everything inside screams
“Do something!”
I refuse to listen to that voice.
If He dared not move on His own initiative,
that must be my pattern as well.

I refuse to act out of self-initiative.
It won't be perfectly, but again and again,
by mercy and grace, 
until it becomes more and more like HIm.
...the sheep hear His voice.
He goes ahead of them, 
and they follow Him because
they recognize His voice.
John 10:3,4
My GOOD Shepherd is ahead of me,
His voice leading me every step of the way.
I want my life to be 
a continual response to His voice, 
to His shepherding heart of love for me.
It is the only safe place for risk.

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