Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Perfectly Hidden, Always Here

The major themes of the Bible can be
expressed as adjectives.
"God is consistently seen to be:
merciful, gracious, faithful, forgiving
and steadfast in love." ~ Walter Brueggemann

These words aren't a scriptural address or 
parts of verses for memorization.
They are attributes seen by revelation,
and revelation is only gained as we
forge through life looking to see Christ.
We all have stories of loss, pain, trial--
things not working out like we hoped.
These are times when you don't care
about the different definitions of grace.
These are the times when all you want to know
is that God IS grace and to find that 
His hand is extended towards you.

You go from wanting to do everything right
so that God will love you
to knowing that nothing you will ever do
can cause God to love you more.
Because you have nothing left and
His steadfast love is haunting you.
And a shift takes place in your heart
that requires you to stop and receive
from this God of steadfast love.
It takes time. And life unraveling.
And the pieces coming back together
in ways you hadn't anticipated--
and often in ways you had not wanted.

You begin to sit down in the Beattitudes,
not because you are Christian and you should,
but because you are desperate and you must.
Happy are the poor in spirit, the humble,
who count themselves insignificant,
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
All you know is poverty and insignificance,
but this  time it does not disqualify you.
You recognize you have been given a gift.
Because His mercy is haunting you.
You are on a journey, not to arrive at truth,
but to experience truth 
in a way that transforms you--
to be more like HIm, to be more His.
That which you have sought most
is that which you have always had.
"I am always with you."
He is perfectly hidden, and
the circumstances of your life 
are revealing His hiding places.

God, You are using my life to reveal
Your mercy, grace, faithfulness, 
forgiveness and love.
You are always with me.
You are always good.

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