Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Like a Diamond

“When we are no longer able to 
change a situation, 
we are challenged to 
change ourselves.” 
~Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

There are times when it is 
completely obvious that we are 
flat-out outta control.
We cannot change a thing 
no matter how hard we try.
We are in some sort of chaortic swirl and
all we know is that God is in control.
He is moving us to another place, 
a higher place, a place of growth.
After a whole lot of pressure.

God uses pressure to create, 
and everything He creates is beautiful.
When pressure is applied to carbon 
deep beneath the earth,
the diamond is formed.
God is continually at work to press us
into a greater likeness of His image.
If He is love,
then we are to be love as well.
It is not our natural formation.
Sometimes, the only way 
to get to a new place 
is to go through a time of pressure. 
If we endure, we emerge into a place 
of maturity and greater insight 
into the purpose God has for us.  
The pressure will have been worth it all.
Let it [pressure] do its work so you become 
mature and well-developed. 
James 1:3, 4
Lord, You are always in control.
I look to You and trust that
You are creating something beautiful
 as You apply pressure in 
the deep places of my heart.
Once again, I choose to look
from Your perspective.
To trust Your goodness.
Your goal is to change us 
to become more like You.
You are creating something beautiful,
something that looks a lot more like love.

Image: morganelizabethgilbert


  1. Somehow you have made the difficulty of feeling extreme pressure --the kind where you can't move--and all you can do is trust....seem so worth it with just your words. Well done and here's to standing still in that refining pressure. Glad to be there with someone like you. xo

  2. Thanks's that beautiful balance of standing alone with the Lord and being tightly linked to one another in community that makes this not only possible, but so worth it. So glad to be linked with you. Thanks for taking the time to write that.