Friday, November 1, 2013

Divergent Dreams & Reality

Suffering is whenever we are not in control. 
It is our inner resistance that says, 
“I don’t want it to be this way.” 
Richard Rohr 

Oh. How true this is!
Sometimes not wanting it "this way" is
linked to pride and self-centeredness.
Most often, though, it's about things 
which we truly have no control over:
injustice, death, loss, rejection, and betrayal.
Life happens.

Sometimes our idea of how we think 
it should be has to give way to what is.
And often, we don't like the way it is.
"But, I thought..."
If I just did A, B and C,
then I would surely get X, Y and Z.
When X, Y and Z are nowhere in sight,
we can find ourselves disillusioned,
discouraged, even despairing of life.
These aren't "shake it off" moments.
These are more "dark nights of the soul."

Suffering takes place at this intersection
where we wrestle to reconcile the difference.
It is most often a necessary stage.
Our humanness has to process the pain
that is caused by what happens to us.
But through it all...
My soul waits in silence for God alone;
He is my strong place, 
I will not be moved.
Trust in Him at all times.
Psalm 62:1-2 

I currently face some intersections,
where I am thinking,
I don't want it to be like this.
God says to me, 
What are you going to do about that?
Will you surrender to My loving kindness
and trust in My goodness?
Or will you remain in that chasm of 
inner resistance longer than you ought?

I am working a deep trust into your spirit
so that you will not be shaken by what you see.
I will not turn away from your prayers or 
hold My loving-kindness from you.
My infinite love is the power
behind all that I do.

And because He does it for the least of them,
I am confident that He also does it for me.
He's got this.

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  1. How deeply moved I was by your post today. Thank you for so eloquently putting into words some of my recent thoughts.