Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not Going to be Moved

But none of these things move me.
Acts 20:24
The Holy Spirit had told Paul that 
he would face trouble wherever he went.
He said, "none of those things move me."
He told the church leaders to 
"remember God and the word of His love, 
which is able to make you strong and 
give you what you are to have."

I so want to be one who is immovable.
I am learning the difference between 
responding to life's joys and challenges
with real thoughts and emotions 
and being immovable in my posture of trust.
Being immovable doesn't mean that
I won't be moved in a general sense.
It means I won't be moved out of peace.

The enemy has pointed out that I am 
not good at keeping unmovable.
But God has assured me that 
it has little to do with emotion
and everything to do with posture.
He has been assuring me that 
He doesn't care if I bob on choppy waters.
He cares whether I trust the anchor, 
knowing it will not let me move 
beyond the tug of His reach.
As I meditate on these things,
the anchor holds me firmly in place.
A little bobbing on choppy waters
is just a normal response to 
the winds of life that rush through.
I will not be moved.
The waters are a bit choppy now and
the winds of life are coming in gusts.
I just may need to say this 
more than once.
His love meets my declaration
every single time.
He will not let me go.

 Image: faithfamilyworship.org

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