Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ladders to Nowhere

For most of us, life involves a ladder.
We are goal oriented and 
reaching our goals involves climbing.
We think that if we just climb fast enough, 
we will eventually get to the top.
The enemy has constructed 
that matrix to keep us moving.
At the top, just beyond our view, 
 is another ladder propped up 
against another wall.
There is really nothing at the top.

It is like running a race and thinking 
the end is just ahead, only to realize 
it's just a bend in the road and
the end is nowhere in sight.
Discouragement sucks the strength 
out of our legs and the desire to run 
gets completely drained.

This isn’t about corporate ladder climbing.
It is about the cultural message 
which molds our thinking.
Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow.
But the message deeply imbedded 
into our being is centered around
our daily to-do lists, our five-year goals 
and our 10-year plans.

There is a communion taking place 
in the deepest places of the heart
that is not vertical in reach.
Deep calls to deep in the 
still waters of our soul.
And we often can’t hear it.
Because we are not sitting, quietly listening;
we are climbing, furiously reaching for places
which become more elusive as we go.
It's not like I have never thought about this.
There are times that I consciously
step off the ladder.
But I find myself stepping back on
more often than I want to admit,
by distraction and through habit.
I want to unlearn my climbing habits.
I want to sit down in still waters and listen.
Deep is always calling to deep,
and I want to be present in the exchange.
I don't want to miss a thing.

Lord, have mercy.


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