Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Becoming Little

Simply behold, in love and wonder,
what you have the power to crush.
Mark Buchanan  
The Rest of God

I have never been an insect lover.
When I see a spider, I pray someone
other than me can come remove it.
But I only wanted it removed.
Not squished. Not exterminated.
Whoever comes to my rescue, however, 
usually smashes that little guy dead.
I have always felt overly sensitive 
to the lives of animals, even the life of a bug.
But maybe I have been sensitive
to the principle of bigness vs. littleness.
God uses many ways to teach us His principles.

One way to become more like Christ 
is to deny ourselves an expression of power.
Our walk is a walk of denial, a denial of self.
 I did not come to do what I wanted to do. 
I came to do what My Father wanted Me to do. 
Matthew 6:38

As Christ denied Himself, we deny ourselves.
We need to live emptied, humbled and 
denied the free expression of our own power.
Abuse through power is all too common.
But it is not only at national levels involving
social injustice and political tyranny.
As parents, spouses, employers, teachers, 
officials, customers, politicians, agents and more,
we have various measures of power over others.
All day long.

We must be those who use 
whatever power we have to give.
We give encouragement, love, hope, protection
to those we may have a measure of power over.
Whenever we encounter a situation of 
bigness vs. littleness,
we can ask ourselves, 
"What would my littleness look like here?"
The emptier we are of our selves, 
the more room we have to show others
the love of the One longing to be big in us.

Simply behold, in love and wonder
what you have the power to crush.

Lord, I am asking for mercy that I would 
become less that You become more.
And that my littleness would allow
Your greatness to be demonstrated.