Thursday, October 24, 2013

According to His Greatness

Sometimes breaking out of the familiar
can awaken our hearts.
I stumbled upon a couple of verses in the 
1899 edition of the Douay Rheims Bible that
captured my attention and refreshed me with truth.

Thou lovest all things which Thou made: 
O Lord, who lovest souls,
how good and sweet is Thy spirit!
Book of Wisdom 11:23, 24

For according to His greatness,
so also is His mercy with Him.
Sirach 2:23

I have been desperate to know in a deeper way
that "He loves all things which He hast made,"
 "His spirit is good and sweet,"
and "His greatness equals His mercy."

These days, I am finding myself at 
challenging intersections of
"the way I always thought it would be" 
and "the way that it is."
These two scenarios can be 
just a bit off center or galaxies apart.
They have the ability to rock our world.
The Bible is full of men and women
who confronted this same reality--
and we can draw great encouragement
from their struggle and doubt.
They weren't always victorious along the way.
But we know that God was.

Whether God intended things to be 
the way they are or not, 
He will use our circumstances to train us.
There are facets of His character that 
we can only get to know as
we dismantle all the scaffolding,
all the props and false securities.
Where we no longer have to 
prop up, protect or promote.
In this place of vulnerability,
we can grow in our knowledge of HIm.
Growth is the defining mark of life,
and growing in our knowledge of Him
is the most important growing we do.
Knowing God results in every 
other kind of understanding. ~Prov 9:10
I am in need of some understanding today.

In His great mercy, He is leading us
into the knowledge of His goodness.
Sometimes the appearance of goodness
gets taken away that we might
recognize the eternal goodness of
the One who is forever leading us, 
forever loving us,
forever with us.

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