Friday, September 6, 2013

Slow Down, You're Moving too Fast...

My presence will go with you, 
and I will give you rest.”
Exodus 33:14

I was driving down I-405 the other day,
trying not to be annoyed by the heavy traffic
due in part to the construction taking place.
They are adding more lanes.
In our attempt to help everyone go faster,
traffic is at a snail's pace.
There is something both paradoxical 
and strangely descriptive about this picture--
paradoxical because as we attempt to make 
our lives better by increasing its speed,
we are in reality reducing both our pace 
and the quality of our journey.
It is descriptive because most of the time,
our reasoning suggests the only way 
to make things better is to go faster.
So we add more lanes to our lives,
not realizing all the negative consequences
of those decisions.

A sign on our deck says that,
"There is more to life than just 
increasing its speed."
I have to constantly evaluate whether 
or not I truly believe it.

If I truly want my life to be more than just speed,
there are decisions that I have to make, daily.
If I continually want to experience His presence,
practice gratefulness and express kindness,
then I have to make more room for Him.
A  lot more room.
His presence has to be my highest priority,
more important than my pace.

Rest is choosing to do nothing 
when we have too much to do, 
slowing down under pressure to go faster, 
stopping instead of starting. 
Rest is responding to our weariness, 
not to what is making us weary."
~Mike Yaconelli

Jesus says to come to Him when
we are weary and burdened.
The word Jesus used for "burden" means 
a load carried to the point of exhaustion. 
Rest is simply release from that burden. 
"Come to me, and I will give you rest."
The rest Jesus offers is Himself. 
His grace comes as we look at Him 
and see that He has invited us to share His yoke. 
This strong Son of God invites us in.
But even as we walk next to Him, 
it doesn't become "ours."
It is always and forever "His" yoke.

Jesus, help me find my true rest by beholding You. 
I want to move over to the slow lane
and take the time I need to be in Your yoke.
When Your presence is with me,
I truly find rest.


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