Sunday, September 29, 2013

Make a Choice

"There is everything you know 
and there is everything that happens. 
When the two do not line up, 
you make a choice."
~Mitch Albom
The things I know and the things
that happen have not been lining up
exactly the way I thought that they would.
One thing is certain:
circumstances lie to us.
Circumstances are the factors 
surrounding us directly impacting our lives.
They generally have a negative connotation:
financial challenges, health issues, 
 broken relationships, sudden forks in the road
things seemingly out of our control.
The goal of most circumstances is to state,
as clearly as possible, that things are not looking 
the way they are supposed to look.

So we have these two worlds confronting us,
the life we try to live by the Spirit--
believing the best and trusting God is good, always.
And the life we get tempted to live by sight--
doubting what we know and questioning what’s true.

When the things we know and 
the things that happen do not line up, 
we have to make a choice.

Even if everyone else is a liar, 
God is true. 
Romans 3:4 
When lies come flying my direction,
I have to drop down and look up.
If the voice is a lying voice.
If the circumstance defies God's goodness.
If the situation is not what I had thought.
Even then will I say,
You are my God
and You are good. 

That is God's word to me
and I am standing firmly on it.
Let God be true
and every word and 
every circumstance a lie.

You have done many good things for me,
 just as You promised.
You are good and do only good.
Psalm 119:68


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