Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Know the One

I know the One in Whom 
I’ve placed my trust. 
2Tim 1:12

All day long we need to remember
that the One in Whom we have placed our trust
is worthy of that trust.
I am learning daily to carry my burdens 
only far enough that I might place them 
before the One strong enough to carry them.
But sometimes I find problems, 
in the form of mindsets,
that I think are too ridiculous to bring to Him.
Like, seriously, can that really be a problem?
Well, maybe not a problem, but a roadblock.
A mindset that I have to fight my way out of.
One that I certainly shouldn't have to bring to Jesus.

My roadblocking mindset today is: September.
Some people talk about the end of summer,
the changing leaves, their love of rain
like this is a glorious thing.
I have to fight to get out of bed.
The One in Whom I trust 
shouldn't have to be concerned that
I am struggling with a September morning.
I am going to Him with my concerns about 
bigger transitions and burdens.
And I do trust Him for those things.

He interrupted my thoughts this morning
to tell me that He wanted to help me think
differently about this September day.
His encouragement for finding life in
this cloudy September morning:
Practice looking towards Me today
for those who look to Me are radiant.
Practice being grateful to Me today
for those who are grateful honor Me.
Practice being kind today
for those who pursue kindness will find life.
So today, by grace, that is what I will do
because His voice broke through 
and His mercy appeared to me--again.
He takes our burdens, big and small, 
and carries them for us.
He wants us to trust Him for it all.
That we might demonstrate His love, 
His faithfulness and His rest
to all who may have no other way
of finding Him this day.
I know the One
in Whom I trust.


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