Monday, September 9, 2013

His Loving Kindness Speaks

Cause me to hear 
Your loving-kindness in the morning, 
for on You do I lean and in You do I trust. 
Psalm 143:8
In the beginning was the speaking Word,
the Word that caused creation to come forth.
And He is the same yesterday and today--
still speaking and still creating.
His voice fills all spaces in all places, 
creating life with each sound.
But in this culture of deafening noise,
we often miss both the source and the sound.
The world wakes up to crises, fears,
 hopelessness, despair, and weariness
for which there are no real answers.
He longs to meet us all as we wake 
with words of loving kindness
that we may have the only answer to 
to lead us through our day.
His life.

What changes would be wrought in me
if I would awake every morning
and hear only Your words of loving kindness?
You don't wait to give me a list.
You don't wait to tell me how I have failed.
You don't wait to remind me of my weakness.
You wait to give me words of loving kindness.

The words I speak are spirit and life.
John 6:63
Life is present tense, as in right now.
His words are present tense and right now.
He speaks words of life to me
and life is the thing I need most.
I need to hear His voice 
and receive His words of life 
in the most active sense.
"The eternal life is life come awake."
~George MacDonald

Eternal life which partakes of the divine nature
has nothing in common which what 
runs through our hands and passes by.
It is the incarnated Hope
which this world desperately longs to see
and which we are responsible to demonstrate.

Cause me to hear Your kindness Lord.
Those around me need to see a leaning
and a trust that is not rooted in self,
but on the eternal speaking Word himself.
You are life and
Your life is what I need most today.
Every. Day.

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