Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today's Garage Sale

Our neighbor is having a garage sale today.
 I look at the tables of kitsch and 
knicks and knacks and nuts and bolts, 
and think, where the heck did she keep all this?
Was it really all crammed into that house?
The signs around the neighborhood shout,
"Come one, come all. 
Please help me get rid of all my stuff!" 
That is to say,
Garage Sale 9-5.
Once you put it out on the table, 
you have already labeled it 
"not coming back in."
It was a whole lot of work,
but there is less clutter, more room.

"Let every heart prepare Him room..."
God has been speaking about letting go--
not so much for the need to have less stuff,
but for the need to have more room.
I have been an accumulator in ways even more 
challenging than the garage sale type stuff.
Most of us are.

We accumulate habits, desires, and attitudes
that drive us to lifestyles of busyness.
I am seeing that there is a focus on self
that puts God and people just outside
my circle of priorities.
I want to simplify and make room for Him. 
Because I really do want to love God 
and people more than I love myself.

He is a slow God,
allowing us to make changes
with His grace and kindness.
That garage sale today is going to 
drive me crazy, in a good way.
I am laying some things out on the table
and marking them as 
"not coming back in."

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  1. This past week He's impressed it on my heart to 'make room' for more of His, particularly by spending more focused time on Him. I've been scheduled for overnights at work lately, more than I'm used to, but if I'm willing to respond, He wants to meet me in the night watch and give me more of His heart. He is so beautiful and slow with us, as you said. Thanks, Kathy. KJ