Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Full Busy

Martha Martha!
Thou art full busy and
troubled about many things.
Only one thing is necessary.
Mary has chosen what is best
and it will never be taken from her.
Luke 10:41-42

"Full busy" requires diversity.
But one thing is necessary.
We can barely handle the thought.
One thing? 
Our attention spans are ridiculously short.
We are energized by the fast and the furious.
But Jesus comes to say, 
Only one thing is necessary.
Mary chose what could never be taken:
her love for Jesus over all else.

Jesus was demonstrating 
that His priority was serving them.
Martha decided her priority was serving Him.
She was mad at Mary for not seeing it her way.
And she was a bit offended with Jesus as well.
Is it nothing to You that my sister 
has left me to serve alone?

Jesus says, I want to teach you. Sit down.
We say, "I want to serve You." 
(which, by the way, usually means ourselves)
"I can't sit down when I have things to do!"
And we wonder why we live conflicted lives.
The battle between our love for diversity
and Jesus' love for the one thing.

My attention span has been short and
I have been energized by many things.
I want to be about "one thing."
To know Him and learn from Him
and receive His love
that I might love Him and others
with the fullness of His love.
 If I do not live in love, 
I gain precisely nothing by my selfless acts.
1Corinthians 13:3

Martha's acts were seemingly selfless.
Jesus told her Mary chose the thing of value.
I have valued the diversity of "full busy."
I want to value the "one thing"of
sitting at His feet and receiving His love.
It sounds so simple.

Lord have mercy...

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