Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seeds in the Packet

When God gives a dream in seed form,
we have any number of options.
We can be overwhelmed and believe 
it is too big. Or too small.
We can replay the garden scene: 
"Did God really say?"
We can dismiss the dream entirely.
We can go full steam ahead,
corralling every ounce of soul strength
to make it happen, pit bull style.
Or we can tuck it away for 
a more convenient time.
When fear isn't so close at hand.

One thing about a seed:
It won't sprout in the packet.

So, I have some seed dreams,
 for the most part sitting in the packet.
They are not necessarily grandiose, 
but I believe they are His, 
and so I have some stewarding to do.
They are about relationships and writing 
and fitness and business
 and organized closets.

The voices of doubt vie 
to keep the seeds in place.
"People way more qualified than you
 have already done that."
"Wouldn't it be easier not to do it 
than try it and fail?"
"Who really cares about that anyway?"
"There just isn't time for that."
"Haven't you missed God before?"
"This whole idea is kinda dumb." 
"Do not publish this one."

Doubts are prolific.
But the Lord has been speaking to me 
about faith and faithfulness 
and resting in His goodness.
And dreaming with Him,
ignoring all the voices assigned
to keep the packet sealed.

I just want to be faithful with His seeds 
and trust Him for the return.
It sounds easy.
If it were, everyone would be
chasing after His dreams.
I am figuring out that it will require 
at least three things:
hearing His voice above all others, 
trusting in His faithfulness 
more than my doubts,
and resting in His goodness 
to do more than I can ask or imagine.

No seed left behind.

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