Monday, August 26, 2013

Same Scenery, Different Track

For we walk by faith and not by sight.
~2 Corinthians 5:7
Faith is always important to those who
love Jesus and are committed to His way.
But there are times when faith
gets called on to come up front 
and pull the entire load.

Transition seasons are one of those times.
When we are leaving one season and 
fighting for entrance into the next,
it is often a fight led by faith.
The Lord gave me a picture 
during a transition season years ago.
He showed me two sets of tracks and
then told me that He was pulling a switch 
that took me off one set and onto another.
He warned me that the new track would
run parallel with the old for a while.
I had to learn to say, 
"Same scenery. Different track."

The Lord had given me a promise
that He was bringing me out of
a season of pain and sadness,
but it all looked "same ol same ol."
It doesn't matter that the scenery looks the same.
You are on a different track.
And at some point, this train will take a turn,
and you will begin to climb toward your promise.
Set your faith on the promise, not on the scenery.
I had to ignore every lying circumstance that
insisted it would always look the same way.
And the train eventually did break away
from the other track and began to climb.
It was gradual and I didn't notice at first.
But after a while it was obvious
that I was not in the same place anymore.
I am hearing again the sound of transition.
Because we live multi-dimensional lives,
we are always crossing over 
from one thing to another in some area.
But sometimes, those transitions are bigger.
The Lord has spoken to me once again
about the need to walk by faith and not sight.

Do not glance around at your circumstances.
They will lie to you during this shift.
I am setting you on a different track that
you might reach My purpose during this season.
I will grow your ability once again to walk by faith.
Just because there is a tumbleweed again today
doesn't mean there won't be scenic vistas tomorrow.
My goodness goes before you.
Your faith in My goodness will lead you
all the way to where 
I have purposed to take you.
Rest in My love and 
allow faith to pull your load.

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  1. Wow. Thats about all i can say to that. Thank You, Father. --KJ