Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sometimes I get up in the morning,
looking forward to being quiet before the Lord.
And I have a picture of my burdens
lining up before me like attentive children.
They sit quietly, waiting to be addressed.
Most mornings I acknowledge them, 
assuring them I will bring them 
before Jesus.
And they go away as quietly as they came.
Other mornings, they are not quietly waiting.
They are loud, demanding and insistent
that they will not go away.
They don't want to go before Jesus.
They want to stay with me that I might
acknowledge how big they are getting.

This morning is one of those mornings.
During these times, I have to consciously 
take authority over them.
"No, you are going to see Jesus.
He will always be the One 
who deals with you.
I will not talk to you, coddle you,
try to understand you, or feed you."

One of my life verses 
comes into play on days like today.
Returning to Me and resting in Me 
is what will save you; 
If you will remain calm and trust in Me,
I will make you strong.
Isaiah 30:15
As I rest in Him, 
He extends His mercy, 
His goodness and 
His kindness to me.
And I am made strong.

Those attention demanding burdens
are not as big as they were 
when we first got up.
Resting in Him is my key for the day--
the day, as in, 
every single moment of my life.

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