Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Forest and the Tree

It is not the "either or" that messes with us;
it is the "and and both."
I set before you life or death. Choose life.
Okay, that was easy.
But what constitutes life?
Is it big dreams, lofty goals, 
living with passion?
Or is it quietness and rest, 
appreciating the little things?
And, obviously, the answer is yes.
Choosing life isn't much of a choice.
But then there are the daily decisions
for which there is no clear direction.
Is it pouring out the alabaster jar
of my costly time?
Or is it being led beside still waters
and waiting in quietness and rest?
Both options are perfectly legitimate.
We read a book about leaving nothing on the table.
We read a book about the regret of busy lives.
Aggghhhhh...which is it???
We are tempted to imbibe in discouragement, 
maybe even a touch of confusion.

And then we realize that this is on purpose.
His written word gives us our general guidelines
which can not be moved.
But His spoken word gives us our specifics
that may look different from one day to the next.
One day we can be pouring out,
the next day being poured over.
The temptation, especially in transition seasons,
is to evaluate our yesterdays by today's word.
But unless it is a specific word of adjustment,
His word for today is a word for today.
It doesn't negate yesterday.
When we follow Him step by step,
every step becomes a yesterday.
And every yesterday can become sacred.

I wanted them to trust Me and obey My voice. 
In those early days, I told them, 
“I will be your God, and you will be My people. 
Follow Me every step of the way 
into a life that is good.”
~Jeremiah 7:23
Living a life without regret means
knowing His written word so well
that we can hear Him beckoning us 
to follow Him every step of the way
into a life that is good.
Some days wild and passionate.
Some days quiet and restful.
Some days "and and both."
The forest and the tree.


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