Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Than I Can Handle

Isn’t everything you have 
and everything you are 
sheer gifts from God? 
You already have all you need. 
You already have more access 
to God than you can handle. 
~1 Corinthians 4:7,8
Some truths seep out from my pores
more quickly than others.
Some truths, through years of practice
and by God's sheer mercy and grace,
are large enough, for the most part,
to stay put.
But there are those times
when I get overwhelmed with
life and expectations.
And I forget the truth that 
I have everything I need.

I so want my first response to be:
Lord, I trust You going into this.
I am anxious, in a good way, to see
how we are going to pull this one off.
Help me handle just a little more
access to Your throne of grace!
This truth has had seasonal application.
I have only needed it during those times
when I am overwhelmed.
But God has been talking to me
about leading a life of rest.
I cannot allow this truth to seep out.

Each day is a gift with more access
to His enabling grace than I can
dare ask or imagine.
Whether I am faced with pressures
and I know not how to breathe
or I am faced with nothing
more than sitting and pondering...
it is all about the truth of His grace.
I want to expect as much access
as He wants me to have.
This is a truth I have to grow
that it stops seeping out.
He paid too great a price
for me to expect too little.
I already have all I need.
Whatever that might be.
And, with His grace and mercy,
I stand in a posture of rest
ready to receive every last bit.

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