Monday, July 8, 2013

It is Not Always What it Appears

...for water will flow in the desert,
streams in the wilderness.
The dry soil will become a pool of water,
the parched ground springs of water.
~Isaiah 35:6-7
Are you in a desert?
That arid land is not what it appears.
Are you in a wilderness?
That barren terrain is not the end of the story.
For God isn't bound by our landscape.
He can pop a pool of water 
wherever He desires.
He can breathe a breath of life 
wherever He sees need.
His abundant life is everywhere.
He just doesn't always 
make everything obvious.
There are times that He leads us, 
but we don't know if or when 
we will actually see the signs of life.
We go along, hoping we will find it 
"just around the bend."
It doesn't mean He has left us, 
for He will never forsake us, no never.
But He is taking us to a new place.
And we have no words, 
no revelation to speak of.
Just a heart that is growing 
in trust and peace.
I am learning to find His eternal springs
amidst the dry desert soil.
I am learning to find His abundant life
in the barren wilderness.
Because He turns parched grounds
into pools of water.
The desert is the perfect landscape
for calling forth a pool out of springs.
Although He created all we see,
He is not a God of the natural realm.
He is trying to get me to lift my eyes up 
on this journey to deeper rest.
For His pools don't come from down under;
they spring forth from above,
from His eternal realm of rest.
In places my natural eyes can not see.
I am extremely grateful not be be bound
by the natural landscape.
The places that spring from UP
are so much better.

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