Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curve Balls

No God but You acts for the good
of those who wait on You.
Isaiah 64:4

I am back east right now visiting my dad.
In this house we have spent many days
rooting for the Mets and 
cheering against the Yanks.
Last night had been one of those nights
where our teams won and lost respectively.
Baseball is priority in this house.

This morning I was out for a run, 
pondering a couple of situations
that were on my mind.
A mind is a curious thing.
It can take one scenario all the way
down about a hundred roads and
consider every possible outcome.
Well, not every possible outcome.
Usually only the ones that bring fear or doubt.

The Lord began talking baseball to me.
If you'll not swing at the curve balls 
that come flying your way,
I'll make sure you get the walk.
Really Lord? Baseball?
We talked back and forth for a while.
He explained to me that the curve balls 
were designed to get me swinging.
They are thrown with the intention of
getting me to strike out.
He said that if I would stand and 
not flinch at the balls, 
He would call the game.
He would call the pitch for what it was.
Curve balls drop suddenly at the plate
and don't always hit the strike zone.
Trust Me to umpire the game
and act on your behalf.
I will see that you get on base with a walk.
It is so much easier that way.

I just had a situation which I would
describe as a curve ball.
Don't swing, Kathy.
Just stand and let it go.

Ball one.



  1. Awesome! And not just because I am a baseball mom. Love you friend!

  2. Linda, It may not be a great analogy so don't tell Adam, who may actually throw the curve. But, then again, I didn't make this one up, so you never know:) Love you much.