Monday, June 17, 2013

The Freshly Planted Seed

The farmer knows how to wait patiently 
for the land to produce vegetables and fruits. 
He cannot harvest a freshly planted seed. 
Instead, he waits for the early 
and the late showers to nourish the soil. 
You need this same kind of patience...
~James 5
Some days just seem so unfruitful.
I haven't written in over a week
because I felt as though 
I have had nothing to say.
In a transition season, it is hard
to know what to focus on.
You know what the fruit 
of last season looked like.
But coming into a new season, 
you don't know.
All I know is that the Lord 
has called forth the season.
When the fig tree does not bud,

and there are no grapes on the vines;

when the olive trees do not produce,

and the fields yield no crops…
I will rejoice because of the Lord;

The sovereign Lord is my source of strength.

He enables me to negotiate the terrain.
~Habakkuk 3

Just because the sprout isn't visible
doesn't mean the seed is dead.
It means things are being 
worked out in secret places.
A dark night doesn't mean
the day is no more.
A cloudy day doesn't mean
the sun is no more.
An empty field doesn't mean
the fruit is no more.
I cannot harvest a freshly planted seed.
Things are happening in the secret place,
and I must allow the rains to nourish the soil.
Secret place: a mystical land where 
99% of all human productivity,
motivation and achievement is stored.
~Lance Walnau
It is here that I am able to be still.
To hear the voice of my Father
and to hear Him say, 
I am your deep peace and 
Your infinite source of strength.
Let's stay here a while.
And watch the seeds grow.
It's going to be a very good crop.



  1. Wow. I can breathe easier, now. I look at this past season and lament the seeming lack of fruit...but for the secret place and the seeds He has been planting.
    Thank you for this word from Habakkuk and from His heart. -KJ