Thursday, June 20, 2013

He Answers, Delivers and Honors

The Lord is good to all those 
who set their love upon Him.
He does not forsake His children, 
not one, not ever.
They know and understand My name--
My mercy, love, and kindness—
and so they trust Me, 
knowing I will never forsake them, 
no, never.
~Psalm 91:14
I have to I have to I have to
know and understand His name,
My knowledge of His name grows 
as I sit with Him in the secret place--
and so I trust Him, 
knowing He will never forsake me.

They will call upon Me, 
and I will answer them; 
I will be with them in trouble, 
I will deliver them and honor them.

He is so unbelievably good. 
What kind of love is this 
that not only responds to our cries,
not only answers and delivers us, 
but then honors us as well?
I mean, really?
He honors us with His stability and rest.
It enables us to look a little bit more like Him.
And that is the most incredible honor.
Psalm 91 is a life psalm for my soul.
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
shall remain stable and will rest...
He is our eternal resting place.
A go to for every today.

Photo credit: EstherMariaSwaty

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