Friday, June 28, 2013

As Your Days

and as your days, 
so shall your strength, 
your rest and security, be.
~Deuteronomy 33:25
I love that this verse links
strength, rest and security.
It takes greater strength to remain 
at rest in the midst of turmoil
than it does to give in to it.
To be led by the Spirit
is to look away from every 
distraction that is a lie
and look into the face of Truth.
It is a deep selah breath 
when panic wants to set in,
or doubt or insecurity or fear.
As your days shall be your strength.
It is strength for every single day--
the peaks and valley days,
the days drudgery seems insurmountable
and the days tasks are many and hours few.
It is strength when overcome with frailty,
and it is strength when
we feel sufficient in our own soul.
This never ending supply of strength can
look different than what we have thought.
Sometimes it looks like weakness.
But if we will allow the Holy Spirit to teach us,
we can peek behind the door of weakness
and find His power at work soldering together
strength, rest and security.
He is forming a weapon 
that no foe can withstand.
When these three are one, 
it looks a lot like peace.

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