Friday, May 17, 2013

The Right Paths

Fear is a thief. 
It robbed Peter of a
perfectly good walk on water 
and kept the eleven in the boat.
Bill Johnson
When Jesus went to the cross, 
He took fear with Him.
Christ died that we might be free from it.

The Lord has specific paths for us to walk down.
 He leads me down the right paths 
for the sake of His reputation. Ps 23:3
I wonder how many we miss because 
fear causes us to go another way.
It can be fear of what others might think, 
fear of a broken heart,
fear of bad things, 
fear of the unfamiliar,
fear of change,
fear of failure...
It's hard to have peace and joy
when battling fearful thoughts.
But when fear controls behavior, 
it's more than just lack of peace.
We are being robbed of specific opportunities,
and some deals are one time offers.
Walking on water was a one-time offer to Peter.
It was to build faith and trust in the disciples.
My freedom in Christ includes the freedom
to take every path that He has marked out for me.

He leads us down right paths 
for the sake of His reputation.
He wants to show us off.
He wants to show off His power in us.
It really is about Him.

Today, Lord, help me see Your face
and hear Your voice that I not miss 
the path that leads to
a perfectly good walk on the water.



  1. Well, you nailed that one--at least for me! Thank you friend for your wisdom, insight, and willing to be transparent. It fuels our fearlessness as wives, moms, women on the wall....

    PS: Maybe you can hurry up and publish this stuff, become famous and rich and charter a jet for all of us to go to that Island place I saw this morning?!!!

  2. On my list of things to do when I am rich and famous, that is now #1! Please come quickly:)