Monday, May 6, 2013

That I Know and Understand

Because you have set your love upon Me, 
therefore will I rescue you; 
I will set you on high, because you know
and understand My name--
you have a personal knowledge of 
My mercy, love, and kindness.
You trust and rely on Me, 
knowing I will never forsake you, 
no, never.
Psalm 91:14
Lord, I so want You to say this about me.
That because I have set my love upon You,
You will rescue me and set me on high.
You will lift me up above all the snares set
because I know and understand Your name.
What ever level I know of Your mercy,
Your love and Your kindness...
I know that I have to know You more.
I am aware of my great need for rescue
every hour of every day,
from anxious thoughts, confused thoughts,
unkind thoughts, judgmental thoughts.
I can be distracted, doubtful, overwhelmed
and sometimes, maybe even weary.
But Your great love and goodness
follows me and keeps me.
You will never forsake me, 
no, never.
My prayer today is that I have
a deeper revelation of Your mercy,
Your love and Your kindness.
Lead me to the secret place,
where Your presence provides 
the perfect atmosphere for 
my knowledge of You to grow.
That is my great need today, 
my great need everyday.

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