Thursday, May 2, 2013

Building with His Words

Everyone who comes to Me and 
listens to My words, 
and acts on them practically,
I will show you what they are like: 
They are like those who build a house, 
who dig down deep, 
and lay the foundation on bedrock. 
When floods come, 
and the river bursts against that house, 
it will not be shaken, 
because it has been built well. 
Luke 6:48-49
Oh, those floods that come from storms.
Not "if" the floods come, but "when."
The storms come and come again.
Jesus is always training us to win.
He tells us to come, listen and act.
If we will do these things, 
we build according to the plan.
We build something which will 
still be standing in eternity.
If we don't build His words into our lives,
we are like those who build a house
but skip the foundation.
When the floods came,
"it collapsed like a house of cards;
it was a total loss."
It starts by coming to Him, 
being still, being quiet.
I follow Him to the waters, 
that He might sit with me and speak.
The sound of His voice 
breaks through my dullness.
I dare not move lest I miss 
the precious words that are meant
to life me for that day.
I have to take whatever He has given me
and do what He has asked me to do.
Because He is both truth and grace,
I have all I need to be and do
according to His good pleasure.
And my foundation will go deeper still.

I have to be a demonstration of His word.

Only as I come, listen and act
will I be able to keep standing
and continue building that
which will last through eternity.
"It will not be shaken."
You are training me to win, Jesus.
I have to hear Your voice today.


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