Saturday, May 4, 2013

And It Was Calm

One day Jesus got into a boat
with his disciples and,
as they sailed, He fell asleep.
A violent windstorm came down,
and they were in danger.
They woke him, saying,
“Master, we are about to die!”
So He got up and rebuked
the wind and the waves;
they died down,
and it was calm.
Luke 8:22-24
We often hear the saying that
sometimes Jesus calms the storm
and sometimes He just calms us.
And I believe He always wants to calm us.
But I don't want to settle for less 
than ALL He wants to do.
He didn't tell His disciples to be calm.
He told the wind and the waves to be calm.
When the disciples ran to Jesus in a panic 
telling Him that they were about to die, 
He got up and spoke into the chaos.
But afterwards He questioned their faith.

It is no small detail that Jesus fell asleep.
His posture is rest.
He only got up to bring His rest
to the wind and the waves.
And He will do the same for us.
He has given us His authority
to speak peace into every windstorm
and all the raging waves that come.
From a posture of rest, we speak to the storm.
We expect to hear the words:
"And it was calm."
I speak this morning to the rushing winds 
that want to stir up the waters of my soul.
Jesus, I don't want You to have to ask me
"Where is your faith?"
By Your mercy, may I rest with You,
knowing that as I can speak to the winds
with the authority I have in You,
they will die down.
I am so grateful for Your posture of rest.
I want my faith to command the winds.
That I might be more like You.


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