Monday, April 1, 2013

Now is My Trainer

But now, O Lord, for what am I waiting?
You are my only hope! 
Ps 39:7
I love David's question and declaration to the Lord.
"But now, O Lord...what am I waiting for?"
He had been rehearsing his troubles with the Lord.
He wanted to know, right now, what he needed to do.
He asks, at this moment, Lord, for what am I waiting?
This life as I know it doesn't hold meaning.
Life is fleeting; it is often meaningless.
In light of all that, what now do I wait for?
This verb "wait" is qawa, which includes the idea
of looking for with eager expectation and hope.
It contains the idea of endurance and trust
that the eager expectations will be met.
He asks whether this fleeting life 
can give meaning to his life.
He quickly arrives at the answer.
You are my only hope! My hope is You!
Patiently wait for God alone, my soul!
For He is the one who gives me confidence. 
Ps 62:5
All we really have is now.
The present moment is our trainer.
It stands before us and asks what we will do.
All we have is now faith, now hope, now love.
Will we translate that into now prayer, now joy,
now trust and now courage?
We cannot be trained by tomorrow.
Now is our trainer.
But now, Lord, what must I do?
But now, Lord, for what am I waiting?
So teach us to number our days,
That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12
We ask the Lord to teach us how to live now.
That we might gain a heart of wisdom.
We, in turn, present it back to Him.
Because He is worthy of all of our nows.

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