Friday, April 19, 2013

No Waivering

So the promise is received by faith.
It is given as a free gift.
And we are all certain to receive it,
if we have faith like Abraham’s
Abraham believed in the God
who brings the dead back to life and
who creates new things out of nothing.
Even when there was no reason for hope,
Abraham kept hoping—
For God had said to him,
“That’s how many descendants you will have!”
Abraham never wavered in believing God.
In fact, his faith grew stronger.
He was fully convinced that God
is able to do whatever he promises.
When God counted him as righteous,
it wasn’t just for Abraham’s benefit.
It was recorded for our benefit, too.
Romans 4

God’s promises are free--with one catch: 
we need faith to receive them.
Abraham’s promise was very personal,
a special promise just for him.
Children. Descendants. As many as the stars.
He had no reason to hope this could happen.
But he believed that God could raise the dead
and could create things out of nothing.
So Abraham kept hoping.
He became fully convinced that God
would do what He promised to do.
I need an infusion of that faith today.
There are promises that God has given me.
Not just the promises that are for all His children,
but some very personal and specific promises
that are just for me.
And just because I don’t see the fulfillment today
doesn’t mean I cannot be fully persuaded
that God will do all that He has promised.
He makes dead things live.
He makes new things out of nothing.
It was recorded in Scripture for my benefit.
God, I am asking for an increase of faith
that You might see all that I am
believing in all that You are.
Fully persuaded.
In Christ, all of Your promises are Yes.
I am certain to receive them if
I have faith like Abraham’s.
I declare today that I will not waiver.

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