Monday, April 8, 2013

Be Careful Not to Carry

The panoramic view of spring displays both
the new growth and the bare branch.
It represents the promise and the challenge.
The promise that all things are made new.
And the challenge of not yet.
The "not yet" are those daily burdens
that can get heavy and rob us of joy.
The Lord led me to this verse in Jeremiah, 
about being careful to carry no load
through the gates of the city.

"But if you are careful to carry 
no load through the gates of the city...
then the city will be blessed forever."
Jeremiah 17:24

The loads are the big and small burdens, 
the worries and stresses of daily life 
that we find ourselves carrying 
when we are not careful.
His city runs through my heart;
I can't carry them through there.
He speaks to me tenderly:
My child, I delight in you.
I long to free you from yourself--
from the things you carry and 
weigh you down when you are not careful.
I care about all that you care about,
and I am abundantly able to carry 
and work out all you give me.
All you do on your own
is pour your worry over them.
I am strong and will bring rest to your land.
Put aside every load and allow Me to carry it.
I will strengthen you with joy and
I will be your portion always.
You're my sun and my shield
You're my Lover from the start
And the highway to Your city
Runs through my heart.


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